About Eldon Grant

Eldon Grant Peirce County, WA (18)
Eldon Grant is part of the fast dwindling Great American Cowboy legacy. He grew up in the backwoods of Utah living a quiet life as a farm boy and cowboy where a deep respect for all life and nature was rooted into his character. From this humble upbringing and then compounded later by an intense quest for wisdom, he discovered that the principles he learned on the farm which create good health and an abundant harvest are the same principles that enable individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to thrive.
These are the same core principles that enabled our founding fathers to create an environment where our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness gave us access to the Great American Dream.
For decades, Eldon Grant, America’s Wisdom Mentor and Master Problem Solver, has sought out the powerful principles used by history’s most successful and influential individuals. By applying these principles in his own life and business as well as showing others how to do the same, he has developed a deep understanding of where problems come from and how to solve them—so that they never return.
Eldon’s enlightening and powerful presentations are a must for any enterprise, or individual, seeking to realize its/their fullest potential. His business workshops teach leadership teams how to look past the symptoms and see the core principles behind any problem. His personalized courses enable individuals to see a better path through whatever circumstances they face.
With a wealth of unconventional wisdom delivered with his honest and captivating cowboy flair, Eldon shows audiences how to unlock these secret, ancient principles and turn their most pressing problems into lasting, even miraculous successes.
Young people and adults are captivated by his entertaining real-life stories and transformed by the powerful lessons he teaches. Eldon helps his readers and audience members learn far more from their past, heal their present and maximize their future.


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