“If you’re ready to create a life of more love, joy and happiness then you must listen to the brilliant wisdom of my friend Eldon Grant!” Eldon comes from the heart and he truly cares about making a positive difference in your life!”

James Malinchak photo

James Malinchak
Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire
Author of Top-Selling Book, Millionaire Success Secrets
Founder, http://www.MillionaireFreeBook.com

Thank you so much for the compliment James!

The reason James is one of my mentors is because he embodies one of the crucial principles I write and teach about in my books and trainings.
Here is a snip-it from my book,
Greatness is not a place you can reside. The moment you try to ‘rest on your laurels’ is the moment you loose it. Greatness is only a beautiful and restful place to rest for the night until you leave in the morning and rediscover it tomorrow.

If you don’t have these kind of people around you it is impossible to discover your real potential. If however, you surround yourself with these kinds of role models, your future knows no bounds!
God Bless, Enjoy and Go Catch Your Dreams…

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