Get More From Your Education than You Ever Thought was Possible

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If you knew you could do one very easy thing that would help make the world a significantly better place, would you do it? Hold that thought just a moment.
This is an introduction to one of my new books.
The law of the harvest is one of the simplest concepts known to humanity. It is also one of the most misunderstood. It is simply the reality that what you plant and cultivate is what will grow. The law of the harvest, in context to the seasons, is as relevant to each SPESIFC area of your life as it is to the earth. What you have now to “store up against the season thereof” is the perfect measuring stick to what you actually planted and cultivated as opposed to what you thought you were planting and cultivating, as well as  to the efficacy of the processes you used during the previous 3 seasons.
This time of year is the time to reboot…
It’s NO accident that school starts right after the harvest. Todays culture has lost track of the powerful and educational lessons that Mother Earth has to teach us. This small, unique and powerful book contains some of the most cutting-edge hacks taught anywhere today, full of ancient wisdom for Extreme Achievement.
Here is a short excerpt from the book;
First, when I talk about education I’m not just talking about the watered-down definition that we accept today in reference to college, universities and other schools and training. Although they can be valuable, I am referring to the original and actual meaning of the word, including how you have learned to interpret, act and respond to the world around you and the trajectory it puts you on into the future. Education is a lifelong process. Second, I want to focus on the law of the harvest because everyone is a farmer in their own right. We constantly harvest what we have planted and cultivated. We are either in process of living or in the process of dying, in a variety of ways, based on that harvest.
The Great Illusion
Which leads me to my next vital point: Everybody’s heard the terms “conventional wisdom” and “common sense.” Like so much in our daily vocabulary, these are oxymoron’s. There’s no trace of wisdom in conventionalism and no hint of conventionalism in wisdom–the two are polar opposites–and common sense is so rare it should be considered a superpower. You can make it your superpower if you develop and discover how to wield it wisely.
If we were intelligent, honest and had an in-control ego, we would call “conventional wisdom” “conventional naivety” and even in many cases “conventional stupidity.” Likewise, “common sense” would be replaced with something like “common nonsense.”
“Conventional” means to do things they way we’ve always done them, or to follow socially-accepted customs. “Conventional wisdom” is where the masses reside: this is what kept slavery alive in Europe and America for about two thousand years. It’s what prevented women from voting and what kept Jim Crow laws on the books. When Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” he wasn’t quoting “conventional wisdom” because basically nobody held those to be truths, let alone self-evident. Most cultures accepted some kind of slavery and many considered women more like property than partners–sadly, some still do.
Thomas Jefferson put into words, what a few–very few–in his day were thinking, let alone saying, and look what he started. (He didn’t actually start it but he did understand and live by these secret ancient principals and helped restore them back to light.) 
Most people believe we are way past that but unfortunately, many core principles, just as crucial, are once again in grave danger of being lost. In my upcoming book Re-Unit–ing Our Divid–ed States Of America, I quote Cicero, the great Roman lawyer, philosopher, political theorist and consul (respected for millennia for his extraordinary wisdom and problem-solving skills) when he counseled that laws should come “by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself.” Cicero understood that everything in nature exists and functions by the laws of the harvest. That the only possibility human beings have to thrive, is to live in harmony with them–not contrary to them.  
If only many years ago, we had required that kind of study for our politician’s and citizens, we would live in a nation where significant problems of child abuse, poverty, homelessness, contempt for authority, drug abuse, excessive debt, crime, hungry children, etc. were virtually extinct instead of running rampant as they do today. However, there is still time to turn things around.

Together we can make that change. Are you willing? Then please help me to spread the word. Real simple. If you know leaders in colleges, businesses, associations, churches or other groups, I would be grateful if you would share a kind word and recommendation about my messages and their power to transform lives. Also, log onto our website, ask a question or leave some feedback. We will use that information in our upcoming newsletters, talks, trainings, etc.


Eldon is an inspirational speaker and teaches fun, enlightening, interactive presentations and has mentoring programs which will enable you to unlock and harness more of your unique potential than you ever thought possible. You will discover much deeper insights into principles that enable you to recognize more and take better advantage of opportunities around you.
Exercising these principles will naturally put you in far more control of your own future, keep you from unnecessary pain/harm, make you an influence for good and a great leader toward whom others naturally gravitate for counsel and direction.
Eldon will guide you to discover the colossal differences–even opposites–between knowledge and real wisdom that no one ever taught you before. Discover the 4 essential elements of wisdom that Eldon calls “HIGH-END living.”
Discover how to obtain and master these elements through powerful, simple shifts in thinking that will enhance your problem solving skills, increase the trajectory of your life and enable you to realize your own unique Extreme Achievements, become an irreplaceable asset and leave a wake of goodness behind everywhere you go. simple or SIMPLE? Beware to whom you listen
Give this book to your students, it is a powerful gift. Or better still, if you help get Eldon booked to speak at their college/school, he will make sure they get an autographed copy for FREE!
This and Eldon’s other books are available at
Thank you for reading.
Enjoy, God Bless and Go Catch Your Dreams–they are waiting!
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