Your FREE BOOK, No Strings Attached!

Hello Family and friends,

Yeeha!  The first three books in my Granted Wisdom Book series are finally done and it is my honor to give YOU volume 1 for FREE!  No strings attached!  Solve Every Problem In Your Life, Secret Ancient Principles Guaranteed To Grant You Wisdom is exactly what is says.  I promise, you have never read or even seen a book like this before!  I say that with extreme confidence because for over 20 years I searched high and low, in every nook and cranny I could access to find this book.  When it was nowhere to be found, I was given the charge to write it.  If I say so myself, it really is a master piece.  Not that I’m such a great writer or scholar by any means, but that the principles speak for themselves.  You’ll read about that and other miraculous stories in the book.

On Tuesday May 23, please click on this link to get your FREE digital copy of the Solve Every Problem In Your Life book😊.  Put this in your calendar so you Don’t miss out!

You will find “testimonials” in many books, but you will rarely find these kind of genuine, life changing testimonials in any other book.
Also check out the Amazon reviews!
Following are a few excerpts from what others are saying:

Okay, I admit it. I’m a bit of a skeptic. Solve every problem in my life? Really??!! But this book in the Granted Wisdom series made me believe it is possible. And, it convinced me that I can find joy and be fulfilled by the process as I better learn about and apply the principles discussed in these 281 pages filled with innumerable nuggets of wisdom. Eldon redefines success and happiness in this insightful book, which is both intellectually and spiritually enlightening. His candor, humor, and passion make this a must-read. So now, excuse me while I go catch my dreams!
Debra Kimball

SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE empowers the reader to apply common sense (not commonly used) to everyday issues, thoughts, perceptions, goals, aspirations and problems that hold the masses back form realizing full potential.  This book identifies the secrets that have been omitted from too much of the traditional motivational self-help library that is popular on the bookshelves today. Study it, apply it, then watch yourself grow wings of inspiration that will let you soar higher than you ever thought possible.  This is a book that belongs in your back pocket, not on the shelf.
Del Whetstone

Eldon provides a paradigm on life that is refreshingly hopeful and invigorating for anyone. Once introduced to the time-honored principles that he shares, your life will begin to produce sustenance and fragrance that you may have thought not to be in existence or only found in the minds of dreamers.
Carter Grant

Like me, you’ve probably heard of hundreds of self-help books and, I hope, you’re very skeptical about advice other people give you. This one is different. These ideas apply to every individual and situation; educational, corporate, family, etc. I can guarantee you’ll find value in Eldon’s writing, and, who knows, you might even find some advice that leads you to achieve that wild fantasy!
Phoenix Roberts

The more I got to know Eldon, the more I understood that his message, teaching and spirit, along with his great aura of kindness, intelligence and humility is part of his blessing and gift to heal this spreading sickness in our society that is destroying relationships of all kinds.  I encourage you to listen carefully to him.
Michael Doucett

There is some amazing information in this manuscript and I learned a lot by reading it, even though I have spent the last decade of my life studying this very subject intensely.  I frequently had to set the book aside and just think about the things I had read in order to enjoy the many inspirations and revelations that came to me as a result of the words on the page.
Cassandra Legge

By the way, It will also help me tremendously when you download your FREE book, so on Tuesday May 23rd and please tell and/or forward this message to everyone else you know and encourage them to do the same.

This is a real win-win deal.  You will be blessed by the book and I am extremely grateful for your help to spread the word.

Thank you all for being part of my life. My best to you all.

God bless, enjoy and go catch your dreams!
Eldon Grant – America’s Wisdom Mentor and Master Problem Solver

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